Department of international relations

Address: 1, Odilhodjaeva st., room 245

Tel. / Fax: (+99871) 2990417;


Head of Department:

             Talipov Miraziz Mirkadyrovich

Methodist of department:

             Bahteev Erkin Maratovich

The goals and objectives of the department

1) On the basis of the implementation of the Law “On Education” of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the National Program for Personnel Training at faculties, departments and other departments of the Institute to provide practical assistance aimed at improving the quality of education and training of competitive personnel;

2) On the basis of international agreements and treaties at the institute, carry out international cooperation and establish direct relations with foreign partners;

3) On the basis of the National Program for Personnel Training to organize the wide use of the capabilities of the Foundation and international educational institutions, as well as advanced training abroad for young scientists, specialists and teaching staff;

4) To consider the issue of inviting foreign scientists to Uzbekistan for conducting scientific and educational work, organizing seminars and lectures;

5) Consider the draft contracts for training in the institute of foreign citizens on the training and retraining of personnel;

6) Coordinate issues related to the residence and study at the institute of foreign citizens and teachers;

7) To complete reports of scientific and pedagogical personnel, scientific applicants, interns and students sent on short-term and long-term education trips to foreign countries and to organize an analysis of specialists together with the relevant ministries and departments.