Department of education quality control

The Department of quality control of education at the Tashkent Institute of railway engineers was established by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 515 of July 18, 2017 “on The state inspection for supervision of quality of education under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan” and is directly part of the Institute.

The main objective of the Department is to study the analysis of the correspondence of students ‘ knowledge of state educational standards of the Institute, to analyze the quality of their training, to organize internal certification of the institution, defining the factors influencing the quality of education and also affecting the quality of education and to take measures for their elimination and prevention.

The main tasks of the Department are:

  • Analysis of provision of educational directions and specialties with the state educational standards, qualification requirements, curricula and programs, working curricula and working programs and their compatibility;
  • The study of the quality of the educational process at the Institute, the availability of textbooks and teaching materials;
  • Participate as an observer in the assessment of students ‘ knowledge;
  • Study of objectivity and transparency of processes and results of students ‘ knowledge assessment;
  • Carry out additional supervision to determine the knowledge of students on a selective basis (the results of this supervision is not reflected in the rate of mastering the subject by the student), analysis of the results and identification of factors affecting the quality of education;
  • Participation in the optimization of the schedule of lessons developed by the deans of the Institute;
  • analyze training sessions for each subject and provide information to the rector of the Institute;
  • Monitoring of student attendance and the ratio of teaching staff to classes;
  • preparation of analytical reports on the evaluation results and report on the results to the Institute Council and rector’s meeting;
  • read the documents of the final state certification commissions to study the level of knowledge of graduates;
  • Organize and control the quality of education and training in accordance with organizational, legal and methodological recommendations;
  • organization of internal certification of the Institute and presentation of the results of internal certification, factors affecting the quality of education to the rector of the Institute and the state inspection;
  • to monitor the state of indicators that determine the quality of education, to make recommendations to the rector of the Institute on the identified problems and shortcomings;
  • to analyze the effectiveness of modern methods and techniques in the professional development of professors and teachers in order to improve the quality of education;
  • To determine the level of professional qualification of teaching staff in the structure of the Institute (faculty, Department, center, academic Lyceum), as well as to determine the level of quality after higher education and training, making proposals to the leadership of the Institute for the preparation of analytical information, elimination of identified shortcomings and problems;
  • To analyze the material and technical base of the educational process, to give recommendations for its development and improvement;
  • control of efficiency and effectiveness of students ‘ practice at the Institute taking into account educational trends and specializations;
  • Participate in the process of identifying, assessing, certifying and examining the quality of the institution;
  • Conducting sociological surveys of students, parents, professors and consumers of personnel on a regular basis to study the social environment, personnel and quality of education at the Institute;
  • participation in the process of social survey among professors and teachers and consumers of staff in order to study the social environment, training and improve the quality of education at the Institute, to make recommendations on the results;
  • Submit relevant proposals to the Board of the Institute on the results of the study of the quality of education.