History of institute

Tashkent Railway Engineering Institute (TashREI) – is a unique technical institute in Central Asia which produces the railway engineers. It was founded in 1931 as The Railway Engineers Institute of Central Asia. Since 1937, it was started calling The Tashkent Railway Engineers Institute and on current days this institute operates under “The Uzbekistan Temir Yullari”SJC. The first heads of institute were  A.V. Filder, M.L. Zelenskiy, M.M. Sorokin, A.A. Petrukovich. Later the rectors were M.F. Prasolov, E.A. Odilxo’jayev, S.M. Jumaboyev, A.E. Odilxo’jayev.  The great number of scientist as A.D.Glushenko- Academician of Uzbekistan Science Academy, one of the founders of mechanical cotton harvester’s dynamics; A.F. Lavrik –  Academician of Uzbekistan Science Academy, The Markov’s Prize Laureate, Doctor of Technical Science; A.D. Moshkov – professor, the founder of powder metallurgy in Uzbekistan; SH.M. Gofman – Honoured worker of Science in Uzbekistan, Doctor of Technical Science; Professors: V.V. Fedorov, V.V. Melikov, X.T. Turanov , V.I. Kiselev,  V.M. Belenkiy and others had great contributions on science and the history of railway developments. Practical works of graduates are the proud of our institute. Throughout its history institute produced more than 50000 students, including  more than 7000 bachelors and 840 masters at the Independence time of Uzbekistan. Our institute’s scientists and graduates took part in new railways and stations building, created carriage , signal and communication devices. Uchquduq- Miskin, Toshguzar- Boysun- Kumqurgan, Hayraton- Mozori Sharif and other railway lines, bridges and buildings in Tashkent are the creation of our institute graduates. They spent their strength, talent and knowledge to build and operate them.