Required documents

The documents provided by the applicants

  • Statement
  • The original and copy of the document on secondary or specialized secondary education
  • Medical certificate form number 086, the form number 63 (certificate of vaccination)
  • Copy of the passport
  • Photographs 3.5h4.5 size – 8pcs.
  • Passport and registration certificate or military ID are presented personally

Persons entitled to act out of the competition – the winners of international and republican Olympiads, contests and competitions, you must deliver the originals of the relevant documents.

Citizens who have undergone military service and having with you the recommendation of the military command, must pass before July 20 (inclusive), together with the documents listed above the recommendation (original). After that date the recommendation will not be taken.

The documents provided for admission to master’s degree

  • Statement
  • The original of the document of higher education with the application
  • Size photographs 3.5h4.5 cm; 6 pcs.
  • Medical certificate form number 086 and number 63 (certificate of vaccination)
  • Copy of passport (the original)

Passport and a document proving the attitude to military service provided personally.