Useful Tips

Notice to students!

When you are going to study, at first what you should pay attention to. Definitely, your appearance! Your special uniform must be clean and pressed. You should remember that your hair must be always brushed, shortened and moustache shaved. When surrounding people see you in public transports or come across with you in the streets, they should feel proud with you. The main assessment for you is their positive attention to your side. Set all symbols and signs in right position in uniform. Never put on the uniform with the casual clothes. Your behaving, ethical and clean wearing and positive treatment are the main reason to increase the respect to your address.

Your greeting with the teachers and students is essential rule to show that you are well behaved. Make it mind not to come late to the lessons. Always control yourself. The student being aware with the behavioral rules never does bad things. When the lesson starts, don’t interrupt students with your unneeded words. If you want to ask something, always ask permission with raising your hand. Don’t talk with a loud voice in the classroom. In and out of the institute respect the old men and scientific personals. It is a special rule for everyone and shows your awareness of it.

Always behave yourself and be in right place in meetings, in public places. Always keep the truth and don’t use lie words. Never deny others when they need your help even your mild words can help them. Don’t touch your roommate’s documents without permission in any case. Give your hand when your friend is ill. Those ill students may recover faster with your help and kind words .