Initial organization of youth union

Recent changes in our country do not bypass a single sphere. In particular, special attention is paid to youth projects aimed at increasing their social activity, developing their scientific and creative abilities and developing entrepreneurship. On June 30, 2017, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the fourth congress of the Kamolot Youth Movement, was organized to assist in organizing these events. Then it was decided to terminate the organization and create the “Youth Union of Uzbekistan”, which protects the rights of youth. The President said that the new organization will be real support and trust of youth, free from any formalities, especially for the benefit of youth. First of all, they must investigate existing problems and work with individual programs to solve them.

On July 5, 2017, Presidential Decree PF-5106 “On improving the efficiency of state youth policy and supporting the Youth Union of Uzbekistan” was adopted. The decree served as a legal document for organizing the activities of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan. On July 10, 2017, the primary organization of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan began its work at the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers. Enthusiastic students who seek to justify a high degree of trust work in faculties and students’ homes to increase the effectiveness of the organization and ensure that decisions are implemented. The leaders of the institute and faculty are selected by the method of secret voting of students on a democratic basis.

The main goal of the primary organization is to create a physically healthy, spiritually mature and intellectually developed young generation, to protect young people from the harmful effects of external threats and “mass culture”, to protect the rights and legitimate interests of young people, to create and create conditions, and to increase the social activity of students. All countries seek to expand democratic, legal and economic transformations in the country. – increase the spiritual and professional level of people, help in the implementation of their intellectual and creative cooperation. Our students and employees who have dedicated their lives to solving the above problems are now leading professionals in their chosen field.



Dean of the Faculty of Organization of Transportation and Transport Logistics




Deputy Dean of Organization of Transportation and Transport Logistics of “Shuhrat medali”



Head of the Department for Spirituality and Enlightenment and Talented Youth



Our veterans are already leaders in the organization. Today, the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers is the head of the organization and the head of four faculties, 13 coordinators of the organization.

Head of the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers Youth Organization of Uzbekistan

Tursunaliyev Dilshod Murodjon o’g’li


Tel: +998906286565

Head of the Faculty of Electromechanics

Uzoqboyev Azamat Mamur o’g’li


Tel: +998901334696

Head of the Faculty of Civil Engineering

Qodirov Bahodir G’ayratjon o’g’li


Tel: +998905363505

Head of the Faculty of Economics


Matvaliyev Davron Abduxoshim o’g’li


Tel: +998903591117

Head of the Department of Organization of Transportation and Transport Logistics


Raxmonov Sirojiddin Ibrohimjon o’g’li


Teл: +998905562133

Since its inception, the organization has created the conditions to support young people, their education and the development of their talents. In particular, there are clubs organized by AutoCAD, Young leaders club, Beginner English and Young speakers. “The Student Spring Festival” is one of a series of contests that help students spend their free time and discover their creative abilities. In recent years, students of our institute have received benchmarks at the republican stage of the “Test of Intelligence”, as well as champions in karate and wrestling in sports. Talented youth carries out systematic work on advising young people who have achieved high results by participating in various national competitions.

Photos from “Test of Intelligence”


 Photos from “The Student Spring Festival-2019”


 Photos from wrestling and karate sports organized in the hostel