Initial organization of youth union

On June 30, 2017 IV- convocation of the youth movement “Kamolot” took place with the participation of President Shavkat Mirziyayev. He decided to stop this movement and create instead of it the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan.The President noted that “The new youth organization should be the true encouragement and support of young people, without any formalities, especially to protect the interests of young people by the organization, for example, when organizing an event, first of all, it is necessary to study the problems existing there, and should work with specific programs to eliminate them, and not go back, saying: “Enough, the goal is achieved.” On July 5, 2017, Presidential Decree No. PF-5106 “On Strengthening the Effectiveness of Youth Policy and Supporting the Youth Union of Uzbekistan” was adopted. This decree served as a regulatory and legal document for the organization of the activities of the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan. July 10, 2017 The Tashkent Institute of Transport Engineers became the first among the higher educational institutes of the republic, which launched the initiative of the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan. The initial organization carries out its activities in the faculties of the institute and student dormitories in order to improve its effectiveness. Leaders of the Institute and faculties are elected by students in a closed mode on democratic principles. Since its inception, the organization has supported youth from all sides. On behalf of the initial organization, there are free courses in English, Russian, Korean, AutoCAD, and descriptive geometry. Talented youth participate in various competitions at the Republic’s levels and achieve high results, and systematic work is conducted to give recommendations to young people who have achieved success in various fields, to receive state scholarships and state prizes.