Scientific activity

Educational-methodical activity
Educational-methodical activity of the institute is the main part of the process of training highly qualified specialists for the Republican railway network. The essence of the educational work is to ensure its observance of a certain system in solving everyday operational issues, as well as in coordination of the work of departments, faculties, departments of the Institute, constant improvement of pedagogical skills of the composition of professors and teachers, all kinds of educational training and practice, application of advanced pedagogical technologies to the educational process, development and updating of the educational laboratory base, replenishment of the information resource fund. The general structure of the educational process is carried out in accordance with the working plans approved by the Scientific Council of the Institute. The schedule of the lessons provides for lectures, practical and laboratory sessions mainly in specialized auditoriums, training rooms and laboratories. In senior courses, students complete course work and projects. The learning process is fully equipped with modern computers and other tools. On an average, one computer bypass is applied to every four students. A wide range of work has been carried out on the provision of New Educational Directions and specialties in educational and methodological terms. In particular, the staff of the professors and teachers of the Institute developed and approved the state educational standards for the organization of transport works and transport Logistics, Informatics and information technologies, as well as internationalization works and the specialty of transport Logistics in a certain order. The educational and production practice of the students of the institute is carried out in accordance with the educational process and the regulations “on the students ‘qualification practice”. Students’ practice is organized on the basis of contracts concluded with enterprises, institutions and organizations of the” Uzbek Railways ” .
The institute conducts the following types of operations:
* dating practice;
* training practice;
* computerization practice;
* educational-Geodesy and educational-Geological practice;
• production practice;
* graduation (pre-diploma) practice.
The purpose, duration and content of each practice are defined in the state educational standards, practical training plans and programs. The practice of students is a direct continuation of the educational process, aimed at strengthening the theoretical part of The Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree. Nineteen chairs of the Institute have their own branches as part of organizations, production enterprises, mutual cooperation with eleven professional colleges is established. Some types of mutually beneficial cooperation are established, such as conducting laboratory and practical training in branches, appointment of organizations and production specialists as leaders in the field of student practice and graduation qualification work, their participation as commissioners and members of the state Attestation Commission. The scientific potential of personnel and the development of various industries depend on the level of professional and methodological training of pedagogical personnel, the level of their experience and skills. The work on professional development and retraining of professors and teachers at the institute is well established. Over the past three years, 127 professors and teachers, eight of them abroad, have improved their skills.