Nowadays, Institute is the center of education and science, it has professional and pedagogical traditions. The Institute is constantly updating the technologies of education and scientific researches. The institute has the innovative way of producing specialists, to implement projects, whereas science and practice are correlated with the order of “ Uzbekistan Temir Yullari” SJC. Our institute has more than 300 specialists and 38 of them are doctors of science and professors, 129 of them are the candidates of science and  docents. There are 4 faculties at the  institute:

  • Organization of transportation and transport logistics;
  • Electromechanical faculty;
  • Construction faculty;
  • Economics faculty;

There are: the center of Masters Department, The center of Staff training and retraining, 23 education departments, Information technologies center, The center of information resources, Historical museum of the institute and other scientific activity departments in our institute.

TashREI implements scientific researches in own fields and realizes the collaboration between high education establishments in our country, further it affiliated creative relationship with the world’s countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Estonia, Poland, Malaysia, USA and etc.) , the publishing center runs and  realizes the publishing of manuals, education and scientific literatures.  The institute rests on the historical traditions and implements scientific- pedagogical process on the deal of educative activity of students. An environment plays the essential role in the student’s education:  hobby centers, museums activity, physical culture and sport develops and gives respect or spiritual interest in the history of institute.