Training ground

While teaching disciplines in technical universities, as a rule, it is provided for a number of practical and laboratory classes. Performing of practical and laboratory tasks by students is the organizational part of education process. The main goal of practical and laboratory studies is an extension, deepening and strengthening of theoretical knowledge, as well as the development of the most difficult skills in the maintenance of locomotives or practical skills during carrying out of technical standard processes.  The Institute’s training ground was established to achieve this goal.

The training and laboratory classes are conducted on the disciplines studied at the chairs as follows: “Locomotives and locomotive equipment”, “Electric transport and high-speed electric rolling stock”, “Wagons and rolling stock”, “Transport logistics and service”, “Automation and telemechanics at Railway transport “,” Power supply of railways “, “Bridges and tunnels “, as well as” Construction of railways, track and track facilities “.

Such devices, as switches, wagons and wheel sets, are provided to research practical topics, as well as for better mastering of studied by students topics.

There are the following facilities on the training ground:

  • wheel – motor blocks of electric locomotives, trolley models of rolling stock for study of the junctions of electric locomotives different design and for carrying out of laboratory and practical work on discipline “Structure of the mechanical part of electro devices and basics of dynamics”, “Maintenance and Repair of Electric Rolling Stock”, as well as “Technical inspection and reliability of  Electric  Rolling Stock”.
  • contact network (three overflights),  device  for anchoring of the contact network, anchor of the track, anchor with drivers, kit of the transformer point, longitudinal air line of power supply, trains in which laboratory and practical work will be executed, trains for such disciplines, as ‘Construction and mounting of power supply devices” “Power supply of non-traction consumers” and the others.
  • in purpose of the study of the different locomotive design junctions, as well as for performing the laboratory work of discipline “Construction and designing of locomotives” there are motor blocks of freight and switching diesel locomotive and electric locomotive where  can be executed laboratory work on the discipline  the “Basics of the technical maintenance of locomotive” on determination of the faults, possible to appear in crew cab.
  • Also there is a freight car simulator (automatic coupler with frame, trolley with brake equipment, passenger carriage (1/3), wheel sets, cargo box body, the assembled automatic coupler, and separate trolleys of cargo and passenger wagons for the performance of laboratory work on discipline.
  • Passengers carriage simulator, also an air-conditioning equipment facilitates the research of its structure and functions, moreover, the performance of laboratory work on discipline “Cooling system of carriage”.
  • There is a test stand for an automatic rectifier, stand to control brakes (assembled), two chamber air distributor № 295, electric air-distributor №305-000, linking hose P17, composed brake shoe, air distributor № 292, engine drivers crane № 394 and № 395, triangles, trunk and main parts of № 295, air distributor №483, remote control of brakes devices on the training ground for the performance of laboratory and practical work on discipline “Safety of traffic and brakes system”, and also the study of the basic units and parts of brakes equipment.
  • Students can get familiarized with different meters, theodolites and levels of various categories, with their preparation and review process, in some cases with the means of geodesy measurements and instruments, carried out in their operation. They acquire the practical skills to deal with the devices in such subjects as “Engineering geodesy”, “Geodesy basics”, and “Geodesy and mineral surveyor works under the bridges and tunnels construction”. At the same time there carried out the works for the geodesy meters result calculations, horizontal and altitudinal territory plan, making up the earth graph.
  • During the laboratory works on disciplines “The railroad tracks repairing and maintenance”, “Mechanization and automation of road works technology”, “Railroad track”, “The regulations on railway and the train movement safety”, “Metrology, standardization and quality control” the students study the main evaluation means of railway technical conditions. At the same time, the attention is paid to the main economy standards of the JSC “Uzbekistan railways” for the safety insurance of the train movement.
  • Students get the practical skills of using the railway track maintenance’s complex measurement with the various special devices operation.
  • – The structure and principle of operation of the switch electric drive, the structure and operation principle of the shunting traffic light in the disciplines “Introduction to specialty”, “Remote control of switches and signals”, “Automation and telemechanics at railway transport”, “Automation, telemechanics and communications” are studied.

At the training ground during the study of automated railway and telemechanical microelectronic installations created in the scientific and research laboratory on communication devices available are used at the training ground.

At the same time, training ground refers as a vocational guidance for students.