The museum of Tashkent Railway Engineering was adopted on celebration of the 50th anniversary of the institute. The founder and initiator of the museum was Odilxo’jayev Eshon Agzamovich, who lead the institute in 1973-1981. The leader of museum’s creation was  Ivanov V.I , the teacher from “Graphics” department. The head of department “Graphics”- Akbarov Azim Akbarovich,   had a great contribution on the reequipping the museum for the first time. The second reequipping was held at the 80th anniversary of museum. There are at the up floors: the education achievements of Uzbekistan on the period of independence, the historical way of “the Uzbekistan Temir Yullar” SJC, the existence of the railway in independence years are described. At the down floors of the museum included the history of faculties of institute till 2011 year.

A virtual tour of the museum