Today’s student is tomorrow’s specialist

On February 21, in a series of meetings with the leadership of JSC “Uzbekiston Temir Yollari”, a regular meeting was held with the head of the “Communications and Signaling” department Alimzhan Kaldibaev.

At the beginning of the visit, Alimzhan Kaldibaev got acquainted with the activities of the Department of “Automation, Telemechanics and Telecommunication Technologies in Railway Transport”. He was interested in the conditions and desire to support the talents, enthusiasm and aspirations of young researchers working in the department.

They exchanged views on the scientific research of the department. The importance of further integrating science, education and industry was emphasized. It was noted that without science it is difficult to solve the pressing problems facing society. In 2019, he congratulated the scientists who defended their doctoral dissertation.

During the visit, Alimzhan Kaldibaev addressed students studying in the field of Automation and Production Management. He informed students about the strategic goals and plans for the next few years on communication and signaling in the leading and regional organizations of the society.

The main purpose of the dialogue was the requirements and conditions created for graduates. Alimzhan Kaldibaev, head of the “Communications and Signaling” department, said it was important for young people to successfully complete their studies and researches, then transfer their knowledge and experience to develop the railway.

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