Students rights

Students rights
* obtaining knowledge in the chosen direction of Education(specialty), in accordance with the state educational standards, at a high level of quality;
* participation in the discussion and solution of important issues related to the activities of the institute, through public organizations and management bodies of the Institute in accordance with the established procedure;
* use of books, publications, electronic means of education, as well as services of Educational, Scientific, Medical, sports and other departments of the Institute in accordance with the established procedure available in the information resource center of the Institute;
* participation in a research and scientific conferences, presentation of scientific works for publication;
* participation in the organization and holding of cultural-educational, sports-health and other educational events held at the Institute and faculty;
• take a vacation two times during the school year with a total duration of not less than 8-10 weeks;
* to be a member of public organizations operating legally in the Institute and participate in their work;
* unsatisfied decrees and orders issued by the administration of the Institute, in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
• with sufficient housing stock, students of the Institute receive accommodation.