The Chair “Physics” has been functioning since 1931, its organizer was L.A.Shvedov. From 1931 to the beginning of the 2nd World War the chair was headed by Associate Professor Jacobson, after the end of the war, the chair was run by experienced teachers: Associate Professor M.I.Dolmatov, M.Z.Karsovnik, E.P.Sogtaya and others. From 1947  classes were held in the Russian and Uzbek languages. In 1956  Abdusamatov X, C Dusmetov, N Ismailov began their career in this chair. Since 1961, the chair was headed by K.I.Dolmatov and  during 1975-1985 Associate Professor I.A.Domoryad was the leader . Since 1985  professors and associate professors joined the chair. Since 1985, the chair was  headed by V.M.Belenkiy, in 1992 Tairov and  in1998 Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor M.F.Achilov.

There are well-known researchers and experienced teachers in the chair. It is worth mentioning that the chair in preparation of highly qualified personnel has become one of the leading teaching centers. Numerous advanced laboratory works were developed, which were spread around the country .  There were  held first classes in classrooms equipped with TV where  experienced teachers held  their classes as a senior lecturer K.I.Dolmatov. Classes are held in the center of the TV at TIRE were the prototype of today’s lectures with multimedia technology.

In scientific research laboratories with the preparation of all laboratory installations there were carried out economic agreements signed with industrial organizations, including the railway company. The main burden of performing research work fell on  Assoc.  prof. Gotgilf T.L,  and  his assistant Chernova and Andreeva.

For the first time in the chair the “frontal” method of laboratory work was introduced, which has been used successfully for many years.

Evidence of this is preparation in 10 copies of works to perform simultaneously as a group of individual laboratory works.

Together with the academic process at the chair  scientific work in the field of studying the effects of ionized radiation and laser radiation on different objects of environment is carried out.   During the period of  Belinkiy’s and Achilov’s   running the chair along with performing   laboratory work on the high level, laboratories of the chair were equipped with new laser devices, which helped to study  the laser technology applied in production. Teachers of the chair are constantly involved in the work of international, national seminars, conferences and symposia.

In 2008, the  chair was headed by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Umarov AV, under whose leadership the revived work on the introduction of pedagogical technologies in the academic process was introduced. There were visual and teaching aids to facilitate laboratory works, teachers began to give lectures using multimedia learning tools.  In order to carry out laboratory work in all branches of physics (including nuclear) there was organized a virtual laboratory with 11 sets of computer technology.

To perform practical research work members of the chair took part in the work on the implementation of government grants and in 2009 they received a grant for 3 years with an annual income of 10 million sums.

As it has been mentioned above much work is carried out in order to attract  faculty members  to the conferences and seminars.

Thus, 8 members of the chair  took part in 5 international, 16 national conferences. We published 5 scientific articles, 52 abstracts and reports, 15 papers methodical works. Nowadays teachers are trying to create an electronic library.

Staff of the chair is involved in the public life. In March 2010 a seminar of the city teachers of physics of technical colleges’ was held in Tashkent, where the council of chair heads was elected and the base was appointed in our institute.

In 2011 TIIM and TIRE teachers worked out an innovative project in creating of educational complex in physics for technical institutes.

In 2012   Assoc. prof BA Mirsalihov was appointed as the head of the chair. Under his leadership, the work on the intensification of introduction in the educational process of the new pedagogical technology was encouraged. All  planned projects on sections  of “Mechanics”, “Molecular Physics”, “electricity” were carried out simultaneously in all  laboratories of the chair.  There were created  courses of lectures  in the Russian and Uzbek languages for  the 1st and 2nd terms with  the use of multimedia  means of training, the number of laboratory works on electromagnetism and optics were increased.

In 2012 it was awarded a grant for 3 years, the annual amount of which was 25 million soums.

International relations were established  with the chairs of physics of  Republican higher schools the leading international universities, as well as some organizations.  Among them there were Chair of Physics of the Russian Pedagogical University named after A.I Herzen, Chair of Physics of St. Petersburg University of Railway Transport, the chair of “General Physics” of the Uzbek National University named after Ulugbek, University of Information Technologies, Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technologies, the Tashkent Architectural Construction Institute, the Institute of Irrigation and Land Melioration as well as the scientific Research Center “Research and Development” , with the union of Microelectronics and others.

In 2015 there was received a grant for 3-year period with  a profit of 50 million soums per year.