The winners of the contest “Zebolar bahsi-2019” (“Beauty Contest-2019”) are determined

On November 5, 2019, the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers hold a qualifying round of the “Zebolar Bahsi-2019” competition.

Four students from each faculty compete among themselves. According to the results of the assessment, Maftuna Karimova, a student at the Faculty of “Organization of Transportation and Transport Logistics”, scores 157 points and wins first place.

1. An absolute winner: a student of the faculty of “Organization of transportation and transport logistics” Karimova Maftuna – 157 points
2. The most insightful participant: Nazira Olimova, a student of the Faculty of “Economics”, receives 155 points.
3. The participant who conquered the hearts of the audience: a student of the Faculty of “Construction” Nurmurotova Ogiloy – 150 points.
4. The most feminine participant: a student of the faculty of “Electromechanics” Ishbutaeva Mehriniso – 143 points.

Participants are presented with gifts from the Red Crescent Society of Uzbekistan and the institute’s union.

Source: Proceedings of the Women’s Committee of the Institute