Road center for professional development, training and retraining

In the solution of personnel problems of joint stock company “Uzbekiston Temir Yullari” makes a significant contribution to Road center of raising qualification, preparation and retraining of personnel (DCPC), based at the advanced training faculty of the Tashkent railway transport engineering Institute in accordance with the order of the Chairman of the Board of SJSC “UTY” A. J. Ramatov No. 349-N dated 01.11.2004 G.
The practice of the past years has confirmed the correctness of such a reorganization, as with the formation of DCPC significantly increased opportunities, especially in improving the quality of the work carried out through the integrated use of a rich laboratory and other material and technical base of the Institute with the participation of qualified teaching staff of the University.
In conditions of independent development of Uzbekistan all activities DCPC of Tashiit aimed at the implementation of the National program for personnel training in the Republic of Uzbekistan on the implementation of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On education” and personnel programs of JSC “Uzbekiston Temir Yullari”.
The activity of the Center is aimed at meeting, first of all, the needs of enterprises and organizations of railway transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan in retraining and advanced training: workers, middle managers of engineering and technical workers and employees, managers and specialists, as well as to meet the needs in the field of educational services of enterprises and organizations of other sectors of the economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
The training program is formed taking into account the provision of all requests in all areas of specialization of JSC “Yzbekiston Temir yillari”, promoting new technical and technological processes, modernization of rolling stock, the implementation of a set of measures to strengthen the capital path and the introduction of information and communication technologies in all areas of the transportation process that meet the requirements and needs of the reformed railway industry.
The training of managers and engineering-technical workers in the Road center at Tashiit is provided in the following areas and positions:
Management of organization of transportation.
– chiefs and Deputy chiefs of the station;
– improvement of the work of train dispatchers and station attendants;
operators STC and computers, pramodini of cargo with the laying of duties of operators of STC.
Management of logistics, cargo and commercial work of JSC “Uztemiryulkonteyner»
– cargo transponders;
– commercial cashier station and ZHDK, accountants, Usidr;
– chiefs and Deputy chiefs of departments of RZHU and stations on cargo and commercial work, inspectors on control of observance of technology of cargo and commercial work, chiefs of sites and cargo areas.
Management of car fleet
– art masters, foremen, technicians, foremen WCC autocontrolling item brakes;
– foremen and masters of wheel and roller shops;
– chiefs of PTO, masters;
– introduction of modern means of control and diagnostics of the main details and units of cars, methods of their tests (for engineers of technical departments, masters.)
Management of the operation of locomotives
– managers and specialists of the depot engaged in the operation and repair of locomotives;
– complex mechanization and automation of work in the operation and repair of locomotives;
– train drivers-instructors and specialists related to traffic safety;
– increase of service life of parts, units and units of rolling stock (for masters of repair shops);
– the use of advanced technologies on locomotive and the linear enterprises of railway transport (engineering and technical personnel of the technical Department of PM);
– principles and design features of high-speed rolling stock (for engineers, craftsmen, technologists, electricians);
– optimization of transportation work, maintenance and testing of locomotives (for masters, drivers-instructors of PM); – ensuring safe train management and quality of repair of locomotives (for masters, drivers-instructors of PM);
– features of operation of high-speed and high-speed rolling stock (for engineers, craftsmen, electricians serving EPS);
– maintenance and repair of high-speed trains (for masters, heads of VET, instructors);
– heads of locomotive crews;
senior naladchik, narachika plant operation.
Management of track facilities
– specialists of distances of a way and PMS;
– introduction of new designs of the railway track (for road masters, foremen of the way and other specialists of PCH and PMS);
– bridge the master of the track.
Alarm and communication control
– maintenance and repair of CBS distance devices (for CBS electricians);
– microprocessor systems of railway automatics (for STSB electricians);
– modern equipment and technology of means of communication on railway transport (for electromechanics and engineering and technical workers of communication);
– features of the system of REAPING on high-speed and high-speed lines (for electricians STSB);
– fiber-optic communication lines in railway transport (for electricians);
– implementation and improvement of the control system of heating of boxes in the train DISKB and KTSM (for electricians);
– principles of construction and operation of AWP SHN (for STS electricians).
The control of the power supply
– operation and repair of electrical contact network;
– repair of power transformers;
– testing and identification of high-voltage and low-voltage cable damage;
– maintenance and repair of electrical contact networks;
– maintenance and repair of power supply devices of high-speed sections (for mid-level specialists );
– relay protection and automation of electrical installations. Protection of electrical networks, the calculation of short-circuit currents (for engineering – technical workers of ECH).
Department of labor protection, technical and industrial safety
– engineering and technical employees of enterprises on labor protection;
– middle managers of the company’s enterprises;
– health and safety commissioners;
– chief engineers of structural and linear divisions of the company.
The Department of economic analysis and forecasting
– economists and technical workers on labor regulation;
– modern methods of the analysis of production and financial activity of managements, RZHU and other structural divisions of JSC UTY ( for economists and accountants);
– improving the efficiency of investment policy (for specialists of departments, RZHU and other structural units of JSC ” UTY»)
Department of Finance and accounting
– accounting and reporting using computer technology;
– features of accounting and taxation on railway transport (for accountants of structural divisions of society).

Statistics and accounting Department
– depot managers, heads of technical Department for repair and downtime of the faulty cars AMZ and LMZ;
– senior operators, heads of groups of the account of locomotive depots on work with route sheets;
– citatory or older premedicine, senior commodity cashiers station, the economists for operations and engineers of ASU departments of statistics and accounting, LAUGHING.
Personnel management and training-inspector of personnel departments of RZHU, enterprises, structural units for the organization of personnel work;
– labor legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan., management of personnel documentation with use of ICT (for inspectors of HR departments of RZHU and structural divisions);
– modern methods of corporate governance in joint-stock companies;
– modern methods and principles of corporate governance, marketing and logistics.
Department of paramilitary security
– organization of canine service in the units of paramilitary guard (specialists of canine service, senior instructor for the organization of service units);
– organization of service at the high-speed section (Deputy heads of teams, heads of guards for the protection of the high-speed traffic section);
– railway station security (checkpoint 1 operators);
– ensuring fire safety (instructor teams and fire safety teams);
– ensuring the safety of railway stations (operators of x-ray television inspection systems);
– ensuring the safety of transported goods. (instructor, commercial work units and teams, the Vice-team leaders, senior pickets)
Management of technical, technological control
– ensuring traffic safety in all structural units of JSC ” UTY»
Specialists of JSC engaged in high-speed section
– features of the device and maintenance of high-speed trains, emergency modes of operation, the procedure in non-standard situations (for managers and specialists of power supply and the way);
– the order of reception, departure and pass of the high-speed electric train. Procedure in non-standard situations when skipping a high-speed electric train.
Information and communication technologies
– study of Windows XP Professional operating systems and Microsoft Office tools (WordExcel) (for economic and technical employees of enterprises);
– professional development of the company’s specialists in the use of information and communication technologies (ICT).
Professional development, training and retraining of mass professions:
Improvement of repair and maintenance of cars, increase of safety of the movement of trains and management of carriage economy.
– the mechanic on repair of rolling stock ;
– mechanics of refrigerated trains;
– NDT inspectors on nerazrushaushsego control;
– osmotrschiki – repairers of carriages;
Improvement of repair and maintenance and improving the reliability of the track management.
– foremen of the way;
– road masters and foremen of linear sections of distances of the way and PMS;
– operators of flaw detection trolleys track distance;
machinists Austrian machines “Plasser Theurer»;
Increase of reliability, improvement of accident prevention and maintenance of power supply for power supply management
– contact network electricians ;
– electricians of areas of electric networks;
– electrical engineers traction substations ;
Study and implementation of best practices in the practice of work and service of passenger trains of interstate and within the state traffic.
– conductors of passenger cars ;
– agents for sale of travel documents;
– traveling ticket clerks.
In pursuance of the order of the Ministry of higher and secondary special education “on improvement and retraining of managerial and pedagogical personnel of the sspo”, refresher courses for teachers of railway colleges and lyceums were organized.
Modern pedagogical technologies, including interactive methods of teaching and control of students ‘ knowledge, as well as computer equipment and information and communication technologies, are widely used during the training sessions.
The developed model curricula and programs are approved by the heads of the relevant departments of JSC “UTY” in each direction of improvement, taking into account their specific skills, training and retraining. Classes are held in specialized multimedia classrooms, where it is possible to view the presentation material and educational films, and at the training ground Tashiit students get acquainted with full-scale samples of rolling stock: freight and passenger carts, part of the passenger car, equipped with a switchboard, brake equipment and lever transmission, equipment with soft equipment, the device track facilities with the placement of signal signs and traffic lights, as well as the construction and device power supply. All this gives positive results in the development of individual topics and the subject as a whole.
Faculty of Tashiit and highly qualified specialists of the joint stock companies are actively involved in the learning process. Upon completion of training, the final control of knowledge, including the method of testing, exams and personal interviews, is necessarily carried out.
DCPC has: 19 classrooms, 8 multimedia classes, organized a separate class, which is equipped with 10 personal computers.
Classrooms are equipped with all necessary accessories, posters, models and other visual AIDS.
The center has a library with more than 10,000 books, 360 e-books, more than 50 e-albums, more than 30 technical educational videos.
Arriving students are provided with a place of residence in the hostel, where it is possible to accommodate 160 people .
Training courses are organized in all areas of professional categories of JSC.UTY with a training period of from 10 to 144 days. DCPC has its own website www.dcpk2005@ mail. EN.