Festal congratulations on behalf of the Chairman of the Board H.N.Khasilov

Honourable teachers, dear mentors!

I heartily congratulate you and your team members on the national holiday, which is widely celebrated in our country on October 1 – the Day of teachers and mentors!

At present, large-scale reforms in the education system are underway under the leadership of the President of the country. These noble deeds are of paramount importance for the bright future of our tomorrow, for the education of our young sons and daughters who are devoted to the development of our country as morally mature ,educated people with a wide world of thinking.

You deserve respect and esteem, because it is your responsibility to educate young people in the field of teaching about the most wonderful human qualities, to saturate their hearts with kindness and courtesy.

I wish you success in your hard work and at the same time in your honor for the achievement of these noble goals and the further development of our Motherland!

I wish you all robust health, happiness and good luck, peace and prosperity to your families!

Be healthy, dear teachers!


Chairman of the Board
Joint Stock Company “O’zbekiston Temir Yollari”
H.N. Khasilov