Transport logistics and services

The Department “organization of cargo and commercial work” was established in 1942. The Department until 1942 was in 1931 as part of the Department “organization of trains”. As head of the departments worked for:K. T. of Sciences, associate professors M. D. Gordon (1942-1966), Dzhumabaev, S. M. (1966-1974), R. H. Rahmonberdiev (1974-1984), E. T. E. T. Tuychiyev (1984-1998й.) .
The chair ” Railway stations and knots ” was also formed in 1942, from 1931 to 1942 it also was a part of chair “the organization of movement of trains. As the position of heads of departments worked:Ph. D., Professor S. p. Buzanov (1942-1946y.), Ph. D., Assoc. Sh. Kh. Khodjaev (1946-1961), Ph. D., Assoc. W. T. Tulaganov (1962-1972), Ph. D., Assoc.. S. M. Mackel (1973-1983), Ph. D., Assoc. A. S. Serostanov (1983-1984) Ph. D. Professor I. I. Ibragimov (1984-1997).
In 1997, the Department of “organization of cargo and commercial work” and “Railway stations and nodes”were United and formed the Department of” technology of cargo and commercial work and stations.” As the position of heads of the Department worked : Ph. D. Assoc.E. T. Tuychiev (1997-1998), Ph. D. Assoc.. A. S. Serostanov (1999-2000),Ph. D., Assoc. R. I. Abdullaev (2001-2012), Ph. D. Assoc. N. Ya. Makhkamov (2013-2016). From 2016 to the present position of head of the Department is PhD, associate Professor. J. R. Kobulov. Teachers of the Department conduct lectures and practical classes, as well as laooratory work for bachelors following areas
5610600 – Technique and technology services (rail transport);
5620100-organization of transportation and transport logistics (railway transport);
5521200 – ” Operation and repair of vehicles”
5340600-Operation of transport facilities (railway transport).
There are also classes on the subject “Fundamentals of railway transport”for all areas of undergraduate.
Lectures and practical classes on the main subjects of master’s degree 5a620101 – organization of transportation and transport logistics (railway transport).