Immediate holidays of the academic year

Awarding ceremony of the winners of the republican stage of the contest “Best Exemplary Women’s Organization” took place in the capital yesterday. It was attended by the chairmen of 119 primary organizations, which were awarded by the republican delegation 1, 2 and 3 places in 9 nominations.

The active participation of the women’s committee in the competition “The Best Exemplary Primary Organization of the Women’s Committee” since 2012, contributed to the improvement of the activities of the women’s committee of the institute in accordance with modern requirements.
This year, more than 16,000 chairpersons of primary organizations participated in the city and district stages of the competition. 1 thousand 237 of them took part in the regional stages, and 118 of the best works were submitted to the Republican Board. Candidates whose work was evaluated by the Republican Board were awarded 1, 2 and 3 places in 9 nominations.
In this competition, Feruza Akhmedova, the head of the primary organization of the “Women’s Committee” of the Faculty of Electromechanics, was awarded the I-DEGREE DIPLOMA. This news aroused great enthusiasm among the institute team.
It is known that the activities of structural units are important for informing the public about their positions and goals, as well as to improve the effectiveness of the institution. At the same time, the work of the Women’s Committee (Nodira Khodjaeva) of the institute deserves admiration for its transparency and clarity, as well as for its regularity.
While we were ready to publish the article, the head of the women’s committee of the institute Nodira Khodjaeva asked the press service of the institute to provide some information to our women and students.
Nodira Khodjaeva: Today, our state and government are solving the most acute social problems in the lives of women. Nevertheless, there are still problems in organizing the work of the Women’s Committee. Noting that it is necessary to eliminate the shortcomings and achieve fundamental changes in the Committee’s system, the representatives of the primary organizations of the “Women’s Committee” were assigned the following tasks:
Firstly, assistance in creating the position of the “Women’s Committee” system in the international women’s movement;
Secondly, not to show negligence in carrying out the tasks of the Committee, due to the fact that it is not paid, and community service is a manifestation of patriotism;
Thirdly, the intensification of work to increase and strengthen the authority and image of women, especially, on the awareness of women of their dignity in society and in the family;
Fourth, to prove in practice the words of the President: “Every woman should be not just an observer of democratic processes, but an active initiator and participant” in the upcoming elections;
Fifthly, an active participation in implementing orders to strengthen the family-makhalla-school partnership system established by the head of state at an expanded meeting on August 23, 2019, especially in ensuring close cooperation between parents and teachers in raising children, and in strengthening public control above this;
Sixth, the conclusion of public opinion at the end of various new negative rites, luxury at weddings, which become the cause of disputes on social networks and so on.
In the new academic year, we want the women’s team led by Nodira Khodzhaeva to be creative in fulfilling the collective mission to strengthen the institution’s status, preserve and develop traditions.