Scientific laboratories

Scientific laboratories
Research Laboratory” Road and Road Economy ”
The scientific-research laboratory” Road and Road economy ” was established by the chairman of the board of JSC” Uzbek railways ” in 29.01.2015 on the basis of the orders of the rector of the Institute of railway engineers of Tashkent dated 14.02.2015 on the basis of the 56-th number, under the scientific-prohibition sector covering its own costs
Full name: Research Laboratory” Road and Road Economy “. The official name abbreviated RRERL
RRERL state was formed from highly qualified specialists with experience in research work.
RRERL purpose and types of activities
Creation and activity of RL “Uzbek Railways” JSC consists in carrying out scientific activities in order to meet the requirements of railway structures for improvement of the system of Road economy.
RRERL main types of activities are as follows:
– research and experience in Railway and other subjects-construction work, search, design and other works;
– diagnosis of the technical condition of Railways and its evaluation;
– implementation of research works, design works, Search Works, Design Works;
– inspection and evaluation of technical condition of railway transporti facilities and devices, road and its devices, elements and structures;
– verification of compliance of railway products with normative documents;
– development and production of samples of new equipment, technologies, devices and instruments;
– Patent Services;
– metrology, standardization and certification of railway vehicles and services providing technical assistance to organizations and enterprises;
– providing technical, commercial, information and other services to organizations and enterprises, including JSC “Uzbek railways” in the purchase of new and modern technologies;
– organization and control of the implementation of research, design, development and design work in the field of road structures for the functions of objects and road construction sites;
– taking into account the trends of Industrial Development, JSC “Uzbek Railways” develops new and modern standards for road construction and improvement of technical specifications;
– Implementation of RL results on requests of JSC” Uzbek railways ” and other Network Enterprises;
– analysis, systematization, generalization and introduction of local and foreign technical achievements, proposals and inventions in the field of road management;
– Introduction of information technologies in the activities of enterprises and departments of the road economy of JSC” Uzbek Railways”;
– development of documentation of the project-estimate for carrying out repair work on the road farm;
Management of the research laboratory” Road and Road Economy”
RRERL is administratively part of TREI and provides services on the basis of economic contract.
General guidance to RL is carried out by the manager of laboratory . Operational management is carried out by the head of the Department of Road economy of JSC” Uzbek Railways”.
On the basis of the economic contract, research, search and experience-design work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of Chair of ” Road and Road Economy” of Joint Companies.
Currently, the specialists of the research laboratory” Road and Road Economy” carry out scientific research in the following directions:
1. “A long-term study of the operation of rails in conditions of complex plan and profile, as well as on the high-speed and high-speed train ride site.”
2. Research of Ulsan railway in the conditions of JSC “Uzbek Railways”.
3. ”Creation of a method of development of a project to protect Uzbek railways from Avalanche Sands”.