Marketing department

The market is also developing in Uzbekistan, and it required the application of marketing principles in the field of activity. In 1998, in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “on further development of marketing in the field of formation of the market of educational services and training” in 1998, the marketing Department was established. The Department carries out the following activities within the framework of existing regulations:

  • The formation of a package of educational services;
  • The formation of the quota for undergraduate and graduate students;

Place of work of graduates:

  • To provide students of Tashiit with information support through contacts with employers, public organizations and local authorities and to organize student internships with further work. Positive graduates are often invited to work in places of practice;
  • Organization of meetings with heads of regional Railways, where presentations of students of the Institute are held, and all participants have the opportunity to communicate directly with employers;
  • Monitoring of educational, research activities of the Institute;
  • Monitoring the progress of training, technology and logistical support;
  • Advertising activities, etc.

Institute and the joint venture “Uzbekistan Temir Yullari” has established stable cooperation in training specialists. In the descriptions of Tashiit graduates, specialists are told about the high level of theoretical and practical training, their knowledge on industry issues, acceleration of their activities in the specific conditions of production of the chosen route of activity and the development of service stages. This testifies to the high professionalism of our students and graduates. They are in demand in the modern labor market and services, and our graduates were able to show themselves at the main enterprises and organizations of the railway company.