History and role of the Faculty “Electromechanical”

On the purpose of training locomotive specialists the first group of students was accepted on steam-locomotive specialty in 1931 and one group was accepted on diesel locomotives in 1932. This allowed forming a mechanical department, which was called mechanical faculty in 1933. Taking into consideration the changes in profiles of personnel training,  from 1989 the faculty was renamed as Electromechanical

The faculty is composed of 5 chairs, four of which are available in:

  • Locomotives and locomotive equipment (The head of the Chair is Kamalov I. S.)
  • Wagons and wagon equipment (The head of the Chair is PhD of engineering, Rakhimov R.V.)
  • Electric transport and high-speed electric rolling stock (The head of the Chair is PhD of engineering, Associated professor,  Berdiyev U.T.)
  • Power supply of railways (The head of the Chair is prof. Amirov S.F.)
  • Phisics (The head of the Chair is PhD of engineering, Associated professor,Mirsalikhov B.A.)

Electromechanical faculty is in close cooperation and fulfills joint works with many enterprises of SJSC “Uzbekistan Railways”. Staff of the faculty established close scientific international relations. Thus, there are contracts on cooperation with Moscow State Railway Institute (MIIT), S-Petersburg State Railway University, Russian Research of Rolling Stock Institute, Russian Railways company, Kazakhstan Academy of Transport and Communications, Research Institute of mechanics and Seismology of Structures of the AS RUz etc.

The teaching staff of the faculty helds an efficient scientific research work that is done on the order of JSC “Uzbekistan Railways”, as well as on various grants. Almost all research projects are put into operation.

The methodical work of teachers, conducting classes in the Faculty, is focused on the educational process and improvement of the quality of lectures, seminars and workshops.

In the educational process there are widely used interactive teaching methods: analysis of conflict and operation situations, case study, the solution of practical problems, debates, discussions, etc.

In the educational process for students there organized outdoors  teaching sessions at modern and advanced enterprises of the railway company (the locomotive depot “Uzbekistan”, stations “Chukursay”, “Tashkent” and “Hamza”, JSC “Tashkent plant for construction and repair of the passenger cars, “Uzjeldorremmash” and others).

An important element in improving of the quality of education are meetings of the students with the heads of administrations, centers, departments and units of JSC “Uzbekistan Railways”, as well as involving them and other most highly qualified specialists from production sphere to conduct classes. Among them the employees of the Office of the locomotives operation, Division of the Labour Protection and Safety, Department of Economic Analysis and Forecasting, CC of union of railway workers and others should be mentioned with gratitude.

The high qualification of graduates shows that many of them are working in leading positions. Among them, O.J. Ramatov- Chairman of the Board of JSC“Uzbekistan Railways”,A.S. Kamalov – Ambassador  of the republic of Uzbekistan in the Russian Federation, Kh. N. Khosilov – the head of the department of the Cabinet of Ministers, N.S. Abdullaev – the head of the industrial enterprises department of JSC “Uzbekistan Railways”, F.E. Makhamatov – the head of strategic development department of JSC “Uzbekistan Railways”,B.A. Baymanov – the head of the  locomotives operation of JSC“Uzbekistan Railways”, A.A. Islamov – General director of  “Uztemiryultamirmash”, E.A.Sanakulov Director of the Mechanical Foundery Plant, B.M. Melibaev – director of Andijan Mechanical Plant, Sh.A. Pulatov director of JSC “Tashkent Mechanical Plant”, Yu.O. Khaydarov – chief engineer of JSC “Tashkent Mechanical Plant”,  M.Zufarov – chairman of Tashkent Veterans Council,  A.D. Glucshenko – academician of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan,  V.I. Kiselev – PhD of engineering, professor, the head of the chair “Locomotives” Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers, and others.

Directions of education

  • 5111000- Professional education (surface transport systems  and its maintenance)
  • 5310600- Surface transport systems  and its maintenance(railway transport)
  • 5310700- Energetic engineering, electromechanics and electric technology(railway transport)
  • 5310200- Electroenergetics

Specialties( Master’s Department)

  • 5А520201- Power supply (railway transport)
  • 5А521103- Railway transport (locomotives, wagons)
  • 5А521304- Electrotechnical structures and systems (railway transport)