Electrical connection and radio

The Department “Electric communication and radio” began its activity in 1961 as a part of the Department “Automation, telemechanics and communication on railway transport”. In 1964 was selected the Department of “wire communication on railway transport” and head of the Department was Professor M. N. Semenyuta. In the future, the head of the Department worked associate professors D. V. Kim, N. Mmm.Belenky, B. A. Davletyarov. In 1990 the Department was renamed and became known as “Electric communication and radio”. Since 1998, the head of the Department elected doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, academician of the International Academy of communications AA Khalikov.
Scientific activity is closely connected with the problems of the state joint stock railway company “Uzbekiston Temir Yullari”. Currently, under the guidance of doctor of technical Sciences, Professor A. A. Khalikov, research is being conducted to improve the means of communication in railway transport, the development of a digital system of fiber-optic communication lines and to improve the devices of radio control systems for disconnectors of the contact network of railway transport. Also scientific works on improvement of rating control of knowledge of students by means of the computer are carried out.
A number of monographs, textbooks and teaching AIDS have been published based on the results of completed research. During the years of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan teachers of the Department published more than 10 textbooks, manuals and monographs.
On June 12, 2018, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan sh. m. Mirziyoyev during his visit to the Fergana region, instructed to train specialists for the development and operation of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). In this regard, the direction “design and operation of drones”was opened at the Tashkent Institute of railway engineers. Specialists in this direction are trained by the teaching staff of the Department “Electrical communication and radio”.
In this direction prepare specialists for the following areas:
– design of unmanned aerial vehicles;
– development of unmanned aerial vehicles, electronic devices, engines, navigation systems and other parts, as well as the use of composite materials;
– the use of modern electronic devices for remote control of unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as the development of modern algorithms;
– for observation of ecology, emergency situations, agricultural, forest lands, settlements and other types of activity, to make by means of unmanned aerial vehicles video surveillance and a photo of the image, and also cartographic activity with providing materials of remote sensing for topographic and geodetic works;
– design work processes and preparation of documents.