Editorial, publishing and printing Department

Editorial, publishing and printing division (hereinafter Iipo) is a structural division of the Tashkent Institute of transport engineers (Tashiit further), providing editorial, publishing and polygraphic activity.

The Department manages the activities of the printing house Tashiit for the publication of scientific and educational literature, replication of educational and reporting documentation and production of book and magazine products.

The main activity of Riipo is to ensure a high ideological and theoretical, scientific and methodological level of printed publications, good quality of their printing reproduction, avoiding duplication of publications and timely release of materials, as well as the preparation of scientific and scientific-methodical literature for publication and editorial work at a high scientific and professional level in accordance with the profile of training, promotion of training, education and professional skills of students and students of the FPC, promoting the dissemination of research results, high-quality and timely publication in the printing Tashiit educational and scientific literature (textbooks, monographs, manuals, brochures, collections of articles, conference materials and seminars), reproduction of teaching materials (programs of academic disciplines, lectures, plans of seminars and workshops and other forms of educational documentation) and forms of reports of various nature, approved for reproduction.