Department of scientific research and training of scientific and pedagogical personnel

“Department of scientific research and training of scientific and pedagogical personnel” (NIS) is a structural scientific unit of the Tashkent Institute of railway engineers and operates on the basis of the Charter.
NIS in the course of their activities:
carries out administrative management of all departments conducting research work;
organizes carrying out of fundamental, applied and innovative research and development work;
organizes the process of training doctoral students (PhD and DSc) and independent applicants in accordance with the nomenclature of specialties of researchers;
monitoring the activities of research laboratories;
preparation for participation of scientists and students of the Institute in scientific and practical events (conferences, competitions) of third parties;
organization and expansion of international scientific and technical cooperation with educational institutions of foreign countries;
organizes scientific and technical conferences;
preparation for publication of monographs, collections of articles, registration of scientific reports of scientists;
work on the protection of intellectual property of scientists of the Institute (patenting developments, etc.).);
as well as other types of work related to the implementation of scientific activities of the Institute.
Currently, the Institute formed the structure of the research complex includes research laboratories, test site (located in PCH-2 JSC “Uzbekiston Temir Yullari”), the Council of young scientists.