Planning and economic Department

Planning and economic Department

* planning and economic Department is organized in Tashkent Institute of railway engineers and reports to the rector of the Institute.

* planning and economic Department carries out its activities in accordance with the current legislation.

* planning and economic Department plans indicators of economic activity of educational institution and its divisions.

* Maintains internal and external reporting on economic issues.

  • Identifies and analyzes the prospects of revenues and expenditures ToshTYMI in the near future.

* Exercises effective control over the observance of the limit of the schedule of positions of employees of the Institute, as well as controls their execution in the units.

* Collects and processes economic information Tashiit.

* Strictly observes the internal discipline of the institution and adheres to occupational safety measures.

Structure of planning and economic Department

Head of Department-1 person.

Economist of the 1st category – 1.;

Economist II category-1 person.


The main tasks of the planning and economic Department:

* Provision of information and analytical activities of the administration. Preparation of information and proposals on economic policy for the administration.

* Analysis of the economic situation, forecasting its development and development of proposals for the administration of the educational institution.

* The Department prepares proposals for the implementation of orders in the field of economic policy of the educational institution.

* Development of the forecast of the size of the budget of educational institution, and also the forecast of the income and expenses.

* Preparation of recommendations for the allocation of funds to expenditure areas.

* Preparation of the schedule of posts and control of its execution.

* Compiling a list of income and expenses for individual units and activities of the educational institution.

* Development of economic and labor standards.

* in accordance with the instruction of the head of the educational institution, the examination of decisions and decisions on the expenditure of funds of the Department, the implementation of economic analysis of the results of some decisions