Construction of railways track and track facilities

At the Department for the years of its existence prepared:

-1 doctor of technical Sciences;

– more than 20 candidates of technical Sciences.

Much work was carried out by members of the Department to improve the educational process in order to prepare highly qualified specialists. During these 80 years 4 educational laboratories, 2 educational bases were created, more than 30 laboratory works were developed and delivered.

The teaching staff of the Department prepared and published: textbooks for colleges of railway transport, a lot of manuals and lecture notes, covering the entire range of disciplines, including the Uzbek language. Associate Professor Rasulev AF is co-authors of the Russian-Uzbek dictionary of railway terms, published in the publishing house “FAN”.

Since 1990, all classes have been conducted in two languages. The defense of diploma and course projects is carried out in both Russian and Uzbek languages. In carrying out all types of training is widely used modern technical means of training and computer equipment.

Currently on faculty for the training of personnel for railway transport has the following disciplines:

1. At the construction faculty

– Railway survey and design

– Technology and mechanization of construction and installation works

– Technology and organization of railway building

– Metrology, standardization and quality control

– Railway

– Technology, mechanization and automation of track works

– Rules of technical operation of the Railways and safety of the movement of trains.

– Construction machinery

– Maintenance and repair of the railway track

– Design of railway reconstruction

– Design of railway infrastructure facilities

– Scientific basis of the organization of transport construction

– Basics of production management and automated control systems

– Theory and practice of railway construction

– Automation of construction processes

– Maintenance of infrastructure of track facilities

– Railway infrastructure

– Diagnostics of devices and structures

2. At the faculty of ASUP:

– railway design basics;

– the device and operation of the path.

The chair prepares bachelors on the following directions of education:

-5340200 – Construction of buildings and constructions (Railways),

-5340600 – Exploitation of transport facilities (rail transport),

-5111000-Professional education (5340600-Operation of transport facilities (railway transport)).

As well as masters of specialty:

– 5A340203 ” construction of infrastructure facilities (railway)”.

Members of the Department made a huge contribution to the development of domestic transport science. The main directions of research work of the Department are:

– organization and planning of track facilities in the regional conditions of dry and hot climate;

– research and development of measures to improve train speeds;

– improving the design of the elements of the upper structure of the path;

– the main activities for the organization and maintenance of the path in the conditions of the arid zone;

– basic principles of alignment design of Railways in the districts of moving Sands;

– improvement of production and management activities of transport construction enterprises.

To carry out scientific works of the Department involved the most gifted students of the faculty of construction. At the Department is constantly working section “Bilim VA Amal”, where students perform scientific work on the following topics:

– increase in passenger train speeds on existing Railways;

– improvement of the technology of maintenance and repair of the railway track using heavy-duty track machines of the company ” PLASSER & THEUERER»;

– research of reliability of intermediate rail fastenings with elastic terminals;

– protection of the way from sand drifts;

– strengthening of the slopes of the roadbed;

– justification of the period of operation of earthmovers in the context of Central Asia, etc.

The results of the study of students are subsequently used in the final works of bachelors and master’s theses.

3. A list of guidelines

1. Metrology, standardization and quality control 2006

2. Railway track strength and stability calculations 2007

3. Construction machines 2008 year

4. Automation of construction processes 2008

5. Calculation of the number of track fitters for the current maintenance of the railway track in 2009

6. Technology organization and construction of Railways 2010

7. Technology mechanization of construction and installation works 2011

8. Construction machinery part 2 2011

9. Traction calculation 2011 year

10. Design of reconstruction of existing Railways 2011

Teachers of the department

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