REFERENCE on the activities of the clerical department of the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers


  1. Information about the chancellery

The Chancellery of the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers acts on the basis of the charter of the Chancellery of the Institute, approved on August 28, 2014. The staff of the department of the institute having positions as 1 head of the department, 1 courier and 1 clerk conduct their activities.

The department also maintains an archive of the institute, which is under the responsibility of the head of the archive, which includes personal files of professors and students, executive documents issued by higher organizations, a repository of personal files and archives of applicants.


  1. Information about the employees operating in the department (full-time employee, specialty)


Information about the staff of the department


So, as in the department of the institute there are 3 staff units, 3 personnel work here (3 main employees)

Full name


Position full-time employee Educational level Specialty
1 Muratova Saida Yakubovna


head of the department 1,0 High technologist
2 Nizamova Mahliyo Suvanovna clerk 1,0 Specialized Secondary pedagogue
3 Tadjiyeva Nozima Rakhmatillayevna courier 1,0 Specialized Secondary economist


  1. Information on the level of knowledge of ICT by department workers


Department staff is constantly working on information and communication technologies, but there is no continuing education in ICT. They are able to post all documents received from the MHSSO corporate network in JFC – JOB FLOW CONTROL. In 2016, the head of the department S. Muratova took part in the courses “Executive discipline and procedural skills”, which are regularly organized in the Film Documents System of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Certificate No. 00128. This certificate is valid until 2021.


  1. Keeping the account books of incoming and outgoing documents


The department works on the basis of part of the nomenclature department of the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers. For incoming and outgoing documents of the department there are books and assembly materials on the nomenclature. All books were published in the publishing outfit. Digitized and stamped. For example:

01-7-3 Book of registration and distribution of modems MVSSO

01-7-4 Registration book of orders, tasks, letters received from JSC “O’zbekiston Temir Yo’llari”

01-7-1 Registration book of decrees, enactments, orders and instructions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

01-7-2 Registration book of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan

01-7-5 Registrations of documents from various organizations

01-7-r / r Incoming mail registry


  1. Information about the software used in the Chancellery


To receive incoming documents in the Chancellery, the following were launched: the corporate network of the Ministry of Education (, the Corporate Network of the Inspection for Quality Control of Education under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan (, to receive incoming documents from organizations – Programs E – document, also the GERMES program. The JFC – JOB FLOW CONTROL program is used for electronic document control, conducted at the Institute.


  1. Using an automated inventory of document control at the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers.


The Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers has been working on an automated inventory of documents since 2017. All incoming documents to the institute from the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, higher organizations that must be monitored will be registered and monitored in the JFC – JOB FLOW CONTROL system.