Education – should be our constant need

On February 3, an open dialogue with rector Marufjon Rasulov with graduates from the institute was held at the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers.

In the face of competition, new initiatives, creativity and ideas are important in all areas. Rector of the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers Marufjon Rasulov shared the initiatives, creative approaches and ideas of senior students.

The Rector of the Institute in his opening speech commented on the Address of the President of the Oliy Majlis: “We strive to make Uzbekistan a developed country, which can only be achieved through accelerated reforms, education and innovation>> First of all, we need to train a new generation of strategic thinkers, educated and qualified, who will initiators of the reformer. That is why we began to reform all aspects of education, from kindergarten to university. To improve the knowledge and skills of not only young people, but also of our society as a whole, we need education, high morale. Where there is a lack of knowledge there will be backwardness, ignorance and, of course, the loss of the right path. ”

During the conversation, the rector Marufjon Rasulov informed the students about the work done in sending students to scientific activity and the formation of innovative thinking in them, as well as about agreements with foreign educational institutions on continuing studies in the bachelor’s program.

Undergraduate students listened to the need to focus on educational laboratories and their integration into science and industry.

“My peers should be able to complete their education with a sense of responsibility, with great enthusiasm and efficiency,” said Elmurod Astanaliev, Beruni scholarship holder. – Today’s conversation helped us determine future goals and directions.

At the meeting, the rector of the institute Marufjon Rasulov said that he is always ready to communicate with students and always work with young people in solving problems and shortcomings. The head of the institute said that he supported any initiative to improve the quality of education.

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