Corruption in education is the highest crime


Today, among the students and teachers of the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers, a preventive event on the theme “Corruption in education is the highest crime” is held.
The event is held in an open dialogue and was dedicated to the devastating consequences of corruption on the development of education.
Speaking at the event, Tolibjon Karimov, a senior assistant to the Prosecutor of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan, noted that in our country, under the leadership of the head of our state, numerous works are being carried out to prevent corruption.
Taking part in the event, the Assistant Prosecutor of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan Alisher Majidov emphasizes that one of the main criteria for eliminating corruption offenses is to increase the legal awareness and legal culture of the population, as well as the anti-corruption environment. In his speech, he emphasizes the need for cooperation in the prevention of this crime.
Ulugbek Samandarov, a senior inspector of the department for the prevention of offenses in the Department of Transport Security, gives examples of the fact that in many cases bribes are given by the citizens themselves. He says that everyone has a responsibility to make the community fair and free from corruption, and it is also necessary to realize that the actions of students in the fight against bribery are the main force.
“I was very impressed with the event dedicated to solving problems that concern everyone,” says student of the group TF-315 Shahzod Sultanov. – I even more deeply realize that our civic duty is to fight this evil, which threatens the well-being of mankind.
At the end of the event, experts answers students’ questions.

Source: Information Service