XIII scientific-practical conference of students of Master’s degree took place

On October 17, the 13th scientific and practical conference of students of Master’s degree was held at the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers.

At the opening of the conference, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Abdulaziz Gulyamov greeted the participants and wished them success.
The main goal of the conference is to study the relevance, scientific novelty and practical significance of the dissertation work of masters, as well as their involvement in research. The objective of the conference was to discuss reports and develop proposals to improve their effectiveness.
At the plenary session, the report of the 2nd year student of MTIF-8 group Abdurakhim Abdullaev on the subject “Design and construction of high-speed railways in the Republic of Uzbekistan and development prospects” was heard. The presentation examined the rationale for the construction of high-speed rail racks in the regional context of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the design of pavement structures. The participants were presented with a scientific analysis of the presentation by the scientific adviser A.Abdullaev, associate professor Ulugbek Shermukhammedov.
After the plenary session, the conference continued its work in 3 departments.
1. Organization of transportation and transport logistics;
2. Railway construction and economics;
3. Maintenance and repair of vehicles.
In total, 63 masters took part in the conference, including 9 first-year graduate students. Three of the students made presentations in a foreign language.
The professors and teachers of the institute gave recommendations to masters to improve their research.

Source: Information from coordinators of the department of working with talented youth