Competitions dedicated to the 3-direction of the five Initiatives continue

On October 16 this year, the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers planned to host the “Student Youth Festival”, which brings together five key initiatives.
In accordance with the program of the 3-direction of 5 major initiatives to improve the spirituality and meaningful leisure of youth, aimed at organizing the “effective use of computer technology and the Internet for the population and youth”, contests, seminars and trainings are organized.
On October 14, Shakhnur Bakhtiyorov won a competition to build the System Unit as part of the festival. The winner of the contest dismantled and reassembled the case in 7 minutes 21 sec., edging his competitors by 30 seconds.
In the second part of the day, a workshop was organized in the student house on the program Adobe Photoshop.The workshop, which was filled with interesting and lively discussions, was able to share a real programming environment for students.

Source: Information Service