Partnership between the institute and the school:a new approach to highlighting important initiatives

According to the implementation of five initiatives, for the worthy development of youth, it is necessary to attract them to the right culture and art, physical education and sports, create conditions for the effective use of computer technology and the Internet, popularize reading, deliver fiction, historical, scientific literature to each region and occupy them other good deeds.

To this end, activists of the Women’s Committee of the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers visited secondary schools No.147 and 175 in Tashkent.
The events organized by the professors and teachers of the institute were devoted to the topics “Moral threats and prevention”,“The book is the light of knowledge”.
“Finding a path to the hearts of young people, teaching them to be worthy successors of our future, strengthening their love for their homeland, improving the culture of reading, spreading education should be our daily business,” – said Nasiba Yunusova, assistant professor of social and human sciences. – Therefore, in these spiritual and educational activities, along with the aforementioned human qualities, we try to explain the essence and meaning of such good concepts as unity of words with deeds, service to the people.

“Meeting with specialists from the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers was an excellent lesson for young people,” – said S.Mukhitdinova, a specialist in working with women from the Mirobod district of Banokoti.- It was important to give young people an idea of ​​how to properly use the created conditions and 5 initiatives put forward by the president, and the importance of love for the book. Because these events encourage young people to work hard, strive and find themselves.

Institute professors continue to hold on- site training meetings, outreach events, and spiritual and educational meetings in schools.

Source: Information Service