A candidate for a prestigious award is selected

The necessary prerequisites for the full support of women girls in the country, their active participation in state and social construction, further enhancing their prestige in life, family, education and work among the population, creating conditions is one of the priorities of state policy. To always respect and honor a woman is one of our eternal values. Therefore, the achievements of women-girls in all areas of our country are recognized, and material and moral encouragement has become a tradition.

Especially in order to promote the achievements of gifted women-girls in literature, art, science and culture, sports, activity in the exemplary activities of their peers in promoting national independence and in the path of faith in cultural and spiritual values, active participation in events to accelerate large-scale reforms, work on the implementation of the Decree “On Support of the State Prize named after Zulfiya ”, adopted by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 1999, made positive changes in the lives of women-girls in Uzbekistan.

On October 7, the institutional stage of this competition was held. The Chairperson of the Institute’s Women’s Committee, Nodira Khodjaeva, gives all in detail about presidential decrees and government decrees on the creation of the Zulfiya State Prize and the development of women’s creative potential in the country, as well as the requirements for the candidates of the Zulfiya State Prize, and introduced the composition of the commissions.

Further, the documents submits each of the candidates on the basis of their openness and transparency are reviewed by the commissions and the most successful candidates are selected. Mohinur Yakhshikulova, a student of the Faculty of Economics,was recommended for the Mirabad district stage.