In the framework of the “Week of Older persons”

By decision of the government, starting in 2019, the first week of October is designated as “Week of Older persons”. In this regard, activists and young teachers of the institute visits the houses of grandparents who provided services in various areas of the Rash isn’t Institute of Railway Engineers.
During the visit, veterans speak about their life experiences and note the importance of the role of teachers in educating young people in the spirit of loyalty and solidarity, as well as in hard work to ensure the status and prosperity of the institute.
The”Week of the Older persons” also contributes to a meaningful meeting of the “three generations”. Various educational events, especially with the participation of professors and students in the institute’s departments, arouse prayers and joy of the aged people.
“The life of older people is an example for us, and fertilizer is a treasury of wisdom”, says Shermatilla Yusupov, senior lecturer at the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities. – We deeply feel this and are responsible for educating young people in the spirit of respect for older people. That is why we invited so many rich and experienced people to our round table.

Visits to veteran homes are ongoing.

Source: Information Service