American scientist Samantha Chadwick thanks students of the institute

Candidate of Engineering Project “Fulbright”, Ph.D. Samantha Chadwick conducts a training course at the Institute as part of the international project “Transport Logistics Management” program “Fulbright”.

The last training seminar-training, organized by teachers of OT and TL, makes a great impression on the American scientist. With the participation of professors and teachers of the faculty of OT and TL:Suyunbaev, F.Azimov, Sh.Kayumov and I.Abdumalikov discussed the topic “Similarities and differences in the US-Uzbekistan railway system” at the this organized seminar.

The participation of young scientists from both countries and the use of modern information technologies in covering this issue contributed to increasing student engagement.
The American expert notes the thirst for freshman knowledge, the ability to analyze foreign railways as experts, insightful questions asked by them and fluency in knowledge of the English language, and emphasizes that many questions were clarified as a result of the active participation of students.

Especially the exchange of thoughts with S.Suyunbaev about the safety of high-speed trains makes me think more deeply and collaborate in the scientific field together, says an American scientist.
Training at the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers with Samantha Chadwick will last until October 19.

Deputy Dean F.Azimov