Dilshod Baratov: Actual problems will be solved in an open dialogue

Today, September 20, in the hall of the Tashkent Institute of Railway Engineers, an open dialogue is held with students of the Tashkent State Tax Administration and the Ministry of Internal Affairs on solving the problem of students living in rented apartments.

It is no secret that most students studying in higher education institutions need housing. In this regard, the working group is working to maximize the available capabilities of the Institute, to help students find their place of residence and facilitate their location as soon as possible.

Since there are 1300 places in the dormitory of the institute, students live on rent in suburban areas. This leads to misunderstandings related to the temporary registration of students chewing in rented apartment buildings, difficulties in drawing up a housing contract with the owner of the house, and various misunderstandings arise along with registration issues.

The head of the Tashkent State Tax Administration Shahobiddin Kamolov gives detailed information about the lease. When dwelling on the rights and obligations of tenants and lessors, the parties are notified of the obligations at the time of the lease, i.e. coordination on the terms of the lease, the amount of the rent, the payment procedure, the terms of the lease, as well as the storage of the premises and its furniture.

In an open and constructive discussion about the housing issues of students, actively participate internal affairs officers of the Mirabad district Aikhodji Khodzhiev and Akmal Kushakov.

Students are also interested in the plans of district preventive inspectors to provide practical and legal assistance.

Source: Information Service