Dear students, teachers and colleagues! Everyone who has joined the calendar of the academic year! Our New Year – an exciting and colorful holiday has come. A new era of ideas and hopes has begun, which opens the way for new achievements and victories.

Congratulations to everyone who entered as the first year-student of 2019! After all, your cherished desire came true – you became a student at the Tashkent Railway Instituteof Engineers. But this is only the beginning, the first step, there are still many difficult peaks in the future. Good luck on the great path to conquer them.

I hope that students who continue their studies in the following courses will be able to complete their work well. I would especially like to support those who are responsible for protecting their diplomas and qualifications.

And, of course, special congratulations to our dear professors and teachers! I am grateful to you for your unwavering commitment, efforts, great love for the profession and students. Thank you very much. Modern life today with its speed and technology requires constant updating, as well as continuous study in the path of education. The requirements to the regulatory framework and, accordingly, the educational process, its organization, the method of its conduct and the final result are being strengthened. We need professionals who are actively involved in the production process, who are physically and spiritually ready for a creative and constructive life. After all, a highly educated person is the pride and hope of the people, which means respect and responsibility. They look at us and set a goal. Never forget that.

Once again, I congratulate our students and teachers on the Day of Knowledge and the beginning of the new academic year. Strive for new knowledge and new victories!

Marufjon Rasulov

A rector of theTashkent Institute of Railway Engineers