“The rector of the Institute invites….”

October 19. 2018 in the assembly hall of the institute will be beld a concert of tne State Conservatory of Uzbekistan under the aegis of spiritual evenings “The rector of the Institute invites….”. Art leader – S. Azizboyev.

Im the programme:

  1. Meaning and Rost garduni. From the cyclus of Rost maqom.
  2. ” Aylagach”.
  3. “Nasri Uzzol”. From the cyclus of Buzruk maqom.
  4. “Bek sulton 1-2”. Uzbek folk muzik.
  5. “Savti Ushshoq”. From the cyclus of Dugoh maqom.
  6. ” Saraxbori navo”. (From the cyclus Navo maqom).