History and role of the Faculty “Construction faculty”

The construction faculty was founded in 1931, that is to say, it exists from the foundation of the Institute.  The first  75 students graduated from the Institute in 1934.

From 1934 the faculty was managed by K.Desyatov (1931-1934), by M.T.Ershov (1934-1937); Associate Prof. Pogorelko (1937-1953);by Associate Prof. F.P.Zaysev (1953-1954) Into formation of the faculty  H.B.Muzaffarov made a great contribution.

In the formation and preparing of the scientific pedagogical personnel and in improving of the academic process the deans of the faculty: I.A.Adilkhodjayev (1954-1967); B.U.Uzakpayev (1967-1993) made a great contribution.

During the independence years of the Republic the faculty was managed by  Associate Prof A.F.Rasulov (1993-1997) Associate Prof  M.U.Dustmukhamedov  (1997-2001)  Associate Prof  B.S.Botirov (2001-2004); Associate Prof  F.F. Karimova (2004-2006).

In 1932 there were three chairs at the faculty: “The track and construction of railways”, “Building mechanics” and “Geodesy”. At present there are seven chairs at the faculty: “Construction of railways, the track and the track equipment”, “Construction of buildings and industrial structures” “Bridges and tunnels”, “Engineering systems and communications, “Building mechanics”, “Higher mathematics” and “Informatics and computer graphics”.

119 highly-skilled teachers work in the chairs of the faculty (besides 31 part time teachers), including twelve Doctors of science, Professors (including 5 part time teachers ), forty four PhD candidates of science, associate professors, including sixteen senior teachers and 47 assistants. Rate of teachers with scientific degree is 47.1 %.  The majority of them are graduates of the Construction faculty.

The construction faculty undergraduates’ directions:

Bachalors on following directions:

  • 5340200 – Buildings and structures construction (railway buildings)
  • 5340200 – Buildings and structures construction (railways)
  • 5340400 – Engineering communications construction and installationm(water supply and sewerage systems at railway transport)
  • 5340600 – Transport structures maintenance (railway transport)
  • 5111000 – Professional education (5340600 – Transport structures maintenance (railway transport)

Masters’ degree specialties:

  • 5A340201 – Buildings and structures construction (transport building and structures)
  • 5A340203 – Infrastructure objects construction (railways)
  • 5A340205 – Bridges, tunnels and underground construction (bridges and tunnels)
  • 5A340401 – Water supply, sewerage systems, water conservation and rational use of water resources
  • 5A340601 – Railway maintenance and track equipment
  • 5A340602 – Transport structures maintenance (bridges and tunnels)

Graduates of the Masters’ Department have an opportunity to work in scientific research and project Institutes, academic institutions and leading industrial enterprises.

There are multimedia classrooms at each chair of the faculty, where teachers conduct lessons using new pedagogical technologies.

For practical implementation of the received theoretical knowledge of the students the branches of the chiars are organized in Tashkent khokimyat and in subdivisions of the Joint stock company  “Uzbekistan railways” and in the “Suvsoz” company.

Every year at the faculty final qualification projects are defend by more than 200 students at five directions and 70-80% of those are on the order of production sphere. Defense of final qualification projects are conducted in subdivisions of Joint Stock Company and in the “Suvsoz” company.

Graduates of the faculty work in different branches of national economy. For instance, graduate of the faculty T.H.Alexsandrov worked as a chief engineer in the construction of Asian dam in Egypt, E.I. Kulikov worked at the Ministry of transport construction of the USSR as a deputy director of Glavbamstroy. V.K.Kabulov is an academician of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, E.E.Nasreddinova was a  chairman of Supreme Council of the Uzbek Republic, E.A.Adilxodjayev  and A. I. Adilxodjayev  were rectors of the Institute,  R.D.Stepanov, G.S.Pereselenkov, V.I.Tikhomirov, R.S.Zakirov, R.K.Mamajonov and others are the Doctors of Technical Sciences.